Team Building

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Team Building Days


Here at the city summer house we want to host the best team building events possible.  No matter if you’re aiming to boost motivation, improve communication or just help co-workers get to know each other better we can tailor your event to match your budget and goals, all organised for you. From an indoor space with a mezzanine level to two outdoor spaces we would be sure to keep everyone smiling. Team building activities should be exciting and something your employees can look forward to, the city summer house in London compliments this perfectly with our range of different corporate packages to really suit everyone’s needs!


The streets are your playground for this team building event as you get out and about to explore, learn and compete against other teams in the unique Shoreditch Explorer event. With your base at the City Summer House, the day will begin with Teas, Coffees and pastries whilst you receive your team briefings. Armed with tablets as your tour guide you will then head out around the Shoreditch area, answering questions and earning points as you delve into historical happenings, identify famous people from the area and gain amazing new facts. Following an activity-filled morning around Shoreditch, teams will all regroup at your City Summer House base for an afternoon of BBQ lunch, drinks and…medal ceremonies!

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Please view our brochure below for more details and packages

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